An individual computer connected to a network is called a workstation or node. The nodes may be running their own operating system. These machines can have local storage, memory and processor. Some type of LANs also use dumb nodes. A dumb node does not have any local operating system. It only serves the purpose of input or output. It is also called a terminal. Dumb nodes are not suitable for applications that have a graphical user interface. A user has to first log in to the network's primary server through the node. Only if a user performs a login, he/she will get access to network resources. Nodes are connected to the network using a network adapter also called Network Interface Unit (NIU).

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A server is a computer that gives some kind of service to other computer in the network. Client -server computing applications have two ends - back end, that runs on the server and front end that runs on the nodes. The front end part of the applications is usually called the client.

Servers may be dedicated or non-dedicated. A dedicated server is exclusively used for a specific task. It cannot be used as a workstation. On the other hand, non-dedicated servers can also be used as workstations (nodes). Some dedicated servers do not allow users to logon locally. Usually primary network servers are dedicated.

Servers have many purposes. They share their resources like storage space or peripherals. Servers also authenticate users in the network. They allow users to share applications. Different types of servers are: 1. Primary Server 2. File Server -3. Application- Server 4. Print Server, and many- more.

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