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When Google announced Chrome releases would be paused until further notice it seemed like a powerful security move. By focusing on the version of Chrome already available, Google will hopefully be able to keep on top of any vulnerabilities, without being distracted by new bugs and issues in an updated browser. 

In addition, COVID-19 means more employees are working from home, and may need time off sick, so it makes sense to ensure both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome users are as secure as possible.

Jake Moore, cybersecurity specialist at ESET says that while the situation is “unfortunate”, people will understand the need for such “drastic changes” to updates.

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However, on the negative side, it means you miss out on any new security and privacy features for the time being. At the same time, as cyber-attacks increase, Edge and Chrome users are relying on browser makers to keep on top of security vulnerabilities even more than ever, and to fix them quickly. 

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