Comptia cloud+

What are the objectives of this course?

Learn everything you need for a good understanding of the concept and how they are behind key cloud computing that can be applied to an organization's IT infrastructure.

  • models, service and delivery models, terms and characteristics of the introduction and storage concepts of objects.
  • Install, configure and manage VM and devices.
  • Backups, virtual disks, virtual keys and virtual resource migration.
  • Discover the benefits of virtualization in the cloud environment before comparing and contrasting virtual environments.
  • Infrastructure, different access protocols, storage configuration, file system types, storage provisioning, and network sharing execution.
  • Applying proper network configurations and the importance of network optimization.
  • Troubleshoot basic network configurations and troubleshoot commands.
  • Common network protocols and common hardware resources
  • Resource management and establishment of base and thresholds
  • How to allocate appropriate physical host resources and virtual guest resources and how to use the appropriate tools for remote access.
  • Storage security concepts and methods, main security including different encryption technologies and identification access control methods.
  • System management, how to diagnose, fix and optimize, and common performance concepts and testing techniques.
  • Training on cloud and solutions to meet business continuity availability requirements.


Who is it designed for?

We recommend IT professionals with at least 24-36 months of work experience in IT network / data center management to take this course. It provides robust basic skills for cloud infrastructure.

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