Cyber Security

The vital question that the leadership of every organization must be asking themselves is, how prepared are they to deal with a cyber-attack or the risks that arise due to the use of information technology and whether this is an important point of discussion in their board and executive-level meetings. If the answer is not affirmative, the Company is more prone and exposed to a cyberattack. It may also mean, that the organization does not have the resilience to effectively recover from the incident and enable its BAU operations as soon as possible.

Therefore, the board must ensure that their Company’s risk exposure to the current cyber trends and the readiness to recover from it in the form of business continuity plans are discussed at the appropriate forums to minimise the impact of cybersecurity incidents. The board must refrain from just relying on the operational staff in the IT department to deal with the risks of cyber-attacks as the risks arising from it are far too great.

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Cybersecurity preparedness, cyber crisis management plan, cybersecurity resilience along with risk management, and business continuity planning must be the agenda of all the board and executive committee meetings. This shall ensure that appropriate attention to safeguarding Company’s information system is given, and effective processes and solutions are implemented to identify gaps and minimize risk exposure and impact.

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