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How a Mobile Ad-hoc Network Works

A MANET can either function as a standalone network or be a part of an internet (huge network). Unlike other wireless networks that communicate directly with a base station or an access point, a MANET works without an infrastructure. The mobile nodes within the communicable range can communicate directly with each other and discover each other dynamically. The intermediate mobile nodes act as routers to forward the packets from the source node to the destination node when the destination is beyond the communicable range (radius).

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The mobile nodes are mainly battery-powered, which means that they are energy-constrained. The mobile devices can leave or join the MANET anytime which creates an unpredictable and rapid topology change. Lack of a central administration leads to self-organization of mobile nodes in this distributed, dynamic, energy-constrained multi-hop network. The MANET uses a multi-hop wireless transmission that requires two or more hops to transfer information from the sender to the receiver.

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