NOC Engineering

Despite coming from a ‘new tech’ business, this is another of the questions that is typical in a large enterprise. While smaller startups and even many web-scale businesses may have an Application Support team, not many run their own NOC, and even fewer separate out these roles from the rest of the operations team.

First, some things do not change in a DevOps world. Fundamentally, the NOC is still tasked with maintaining high quality production networks and systems, detecting potential problems as soon as possible, triaging those problems to find root cause, and remediating problems as fast as they can.

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However, the NOC team will gain additional activities and support a broader interlock beyond just the production environment, especially as networking becomes more embedded in application delivery through capabilities like software-defined networks and cloud computing. They will work more closely with teams like app dev, SQA, pre-prod and release; they will provide input to design and development; and they will contribute earlier in the software cycle. This is the logical outcome of a DevOps approach that emphasizes the need to work more collaboratively across the entire end-to-end SDLC.

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