As a result, organizations are increasingly adopting SD-WAN for the home networks to support their remote workforce, given the SD-WAN software-defined approach and benefits. For what VMware SD-WAN is doing to support businesses today, check out our two latest blogs discussing our Work @Home offer and how COVID-19 has changed the way businesses use their networks, and this video message from the SVP and GM of the VMware SD-WAN business unit, Sanjay Uppal.

VMware SD-WAN is an enabler for enterprise global WAN transformation. It helps organizations to adopt and migrate to cloud with assured application performance while simplifying WAN/IT operations. Thousands of enterprises trust VMware SD-WAN to deliver optimal, reliable, high performance and automated access to IaaS, SaaS, security, mid-mile, and analytics clouds.  

Our hyperscale cloud-delivery model is backed by thousands of SD-WAN cloud gateways in more than 100 POPs worldwide, which makes our solution suitable for deployments of any scale and style. Our cloud gateways facilitate not just the traditional network use cases of accessing corporate applications, but the rapidly expanding use of UCaaS and other collaboration services. SD-WAN vendors without a cloud gateway cannot deliver a quality experience over a congested last mile.  

VMware SD-WAN gives you an edge to rapidly empower a remote enterprise workforce, now and in the future. A number of enterprises have leveraged VMware SD-WAN to quickly setup Work @Home networks for their employees in the face of COVID-19, and more are planning to do so. From these customers’ perspective, the VMware SD-WAN advantage is distinct and can be summed up in ease of deployment, simplified Day–2 operations, and enterprise-quality performance, security, and scale.  

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