Service Level Agreement

An SLA (Service Level Agreement) is a part of a standardized service contract in which specific aspects of a service are defined by a service provider. Often, it specifies which things are the company's fault, which things are not the company's fault, and what kind of "Whoops—our bad" compensation you're guaranteed if the company doesn't meet their own standards.

If you've ever heard a business make a promise before, something like "Get your pizza in 20 minutes or less, or it's free", then you've encountered a basic example of a Service Level Agreement. SLAs are things you're likely to see amongst tech companies in general. As an address validation service, we provide one regarding our services (like our USPS APIs), our services' functionality, and what you can expect when you use them.

Our SLA here at SmartyStreets essentially guarantees three things:

Sub-500 millisecond response times on requests we receive (internet latency not included)
At least 99.98% uptime in any given month
We promise to credit your account with free service if we ever fail to fulfill either promise.
So whether your SLA is for a pizza-delivery time, or for how fast you can validate an address in Istanbul, Service Level Agreements tell you what you can expect from a service provider.

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