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In order for the SSD to run at full power, it must be configured. In addition, the correct settings not only guarantee fast and stable operation of the disk, but also extend its life. Today we will talk about how and what exactly it is necessary to make settings for SSD.

Ways to Configure an SSD for Windows
We'll take a closer look at optimizing your SSD for an example of Windows 7. Before proceeding with the setup, let's say a few words about what the methods are. In fact, you need to choose between automatic (using special tools) and manual.

With SSD Mini Tweaker, SSD optimization is almost completely automatic, except for special actions. This set-up will not only save time, but will make it safer to complete all the necessary steps.

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TRIM activation
TRIM is an operating system command that allows you to clean disks from physically deleted data, significantly increasing their performance. Since this command is very important for SSD, we need to include it.

Disable Superfetch
Superfetch is a service that allows you to speed up the system by gathering information about commonly used programs and pre-allocating the required modules in RAM. However, when hard drives are used, the need for this service is eliminated as data read speeds increase ten times, which means that the system can read quickly and start the required module.

Disable Prefetcher
Prefetcher is another service that allows you to increase the speed of your operating system. Its working principle is similar to the previous one, so it can be safely shut down for SSDs.

Leave the system kernel in memory
If your computer has 4 or more gigabytes of RAM, you can safely check this box. In addition, placing the kernel in RAM will extend the life of the device and increase the speed of the operating system.

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